MenuKhao Phad Gai

Our menu offers a wide selection of typical Thai dishes. We offer a variety of meats but there is also a vegetarian option for many dishes. Please note that all dishes may contain traces of animal products.

Every dish is freshly prepared just for you. All dishes are avaiblabe for take-away.



Degrees of Spicyness

Every dish is marked on the menu for how spicy it is. If you would like your dish more or less spicy, please let us know when you order. It is not possible to always get it 100% right, but we always try to make every dish just the way you want it.


mild Not spicy at all.
slightly spicy If you are not used to it, you will find it spicy.
medium spicy Spicy enough for most Europeans.
spicy For Thai afficionados.
extra spicy By special order only! Don't say we didn't warn you!